Mishima Kosan Hong Kong
Manufacturing for a dreamy tomorrow,
Bring more of Mishima's smart factory to the world!
Building upon the accumulated injection molding technology and quality control system,
we provide high quality molding products.
Manufacturing for a dreamy tomorrow, Bring more of Mishima's smart factory to the world!

Our IC tray business has been originally developed from mold manufacturing technology. With our high quality technology, we correspond to our customers' various needs and specs. Our total monthly capacity of manufacturing bases in Japan and China is more than 2 million pcs.

What is IC tray (Semiconductor transfer tray)?

Semiconductor is used for various products, such as automobiles and mobile devices. IC tray is used to transfer semiconductors in its manufacturing process or heat treatment.

Company Information

Company name Mishima Kosan Hong Kong Co.,Ltd.
Address Unit 1303,13/F., Austin Tower,22-26 Austin Avenue,Tsimshatsui,Kowloon,HK
Contact TEL : 852-3692-5550
FAX : 852-3692-5556
Capital HK$14,000,000
Investment company Mishima Kosan Co.,Ltd.
  • Established as oversea manufacturing base of Mishima Kosan Precision Plastic Molding and Mold Department
  • Start work of Mishima Precision Company
  • ISO9001 Certification
  • ISO14000 Certification
  • Independent from contract processing and established Mishima Kosan Precision Plastic (DongGuan) Co., Ltd.

Sales /
Manufacturing Base

Sales Base

Mishima Kosan Hong Kong Co.,Ltd.三島光産香港有限公司

Sales of precision molded resin products (injection molding)

Head office
Unit 1303,13/F., Austin Tower, 22-26 Austin Avenue Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, HK TEL : 852-3692-5550 FAX : 852-3692-5556

Manufacturing Base

Mishima Kosan Precision Plastic (DongGuan) Co.,Ltd.三島光産精密塑胶(東莞)有限公司

Manufacturing and sales of precision molded resin products (injection molding)

No.3, Feng Sheng Road, Chang-an Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China TEL : 86769-8537-0370
FAX : 86769-8537-0375